Light field imaging, rendering and metrology.



FoVI 3D is dedicated to the development and commercialization of light-field display systems.  Built upon the proven architecture of the only existing fielded collaborative light-field display table, FoVI 3D is poised to bring the interactive holographic tables of science fiction into reality.



VR through the naked eye improves performance.  Our light-field display technology computes and projects spatially accurate 3D visuals without the need for eye tracking, goggles, or glasses.  FoVI 3D moves beyond the current single perspective experience to allow for a collaborative environment for multiple viewers within the light-field display view volume. This idea leads to faster decisions with greater confidence; and reduced ambiguity versus other forms of visualization

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Parallax is the difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. As illustrated above, Parallax is absent from the 2D topographic map which contributes to the difficulty of understanding the information presented. The FoVI 3D light-field display reduces the cognitive load needed to resolve the 2D spatial information that a topographic map carries. By truly presenting the information in three dimensions, the viewer sees all of the actual depth cues as if viewing the natural world.


FoVI DK2 Coming Q3 2017


Industries served



Serving medical schools, hospitals, and medical equipment manufacturers to collaboratively visualize anatomical systems and models in dynamic 3D without the need for cumbersome headgear.  FoVI 3D light field displays will allow significant advancements in medical visualization including students practicing operations on light field cadavers, doctors planning surgical procedures with real 3D patient data, and the ability to analyze DICOM data in real-time glasses-free 3D.


Serving Department of Defense, Geospatial, and Intelligence governmental agencies to collaboratively act on 3D data from battle space to geospatial with greater confidence.  FoVI 3D light field displays will not only enhance decision making through dynamic 3D enhanced situational awareness, but also enable decision makers to share a common operating picture to increase the speed of decisive action. 


Serving next generation 3D content creators and consumers to create and experience compelling “god’s eye view” dynamic 3D content without the need for special glasses or headgear.  Bringing science fiction in to reality, FoVI 3D light field displays will enable the emergence of a virtual theater-in-the-round.

Oil & Gas

Serving upstream companies to collaboratively visualize and analyze subterranean and environmental 3D data to more quickly gain consensus on execution plans.  FoVI 3D light field displays will allow advancements in collaborative decision making harnessing the wisdom of all of the involved experts from geophysicists to drilling engineers.

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FoVI 3D Hosts Successful SMFoLD Symposium

The Symposium successfully brought together a collection of US Government leaders across the US Navy, US Air Force, NRO, NGA, NSA, and more together with industry and academic leaders including OGSystems, Booz Allen Hamilton, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Leidos, Johns Hopkins, and BYU to collectively understand the overall vision from the various
DoD agencies for the capture-to-display requirements of 3D data
on Field of Light Display (FoLD) systems and advance FoLD development.



Meet Our Team

Exceptional technical team with deep experience in optical, mechanical, electrical and software engineering along with unparalleled expertise in light field displays and holography.