Microlens Design and Simulation

An optimized optical design is critical for the angular distribution and preservation of light rays within the light-field display projection volume. FoVI3D has a mature light-field design and simulation process to maximize micro-lens performance for personal and wide field-of-view collaborative light-field displays.


Advanced Calibration Techniques and Algorithms

Calibration measures the light-field volume and creates coefficients used to pre-distort the light-field radiance image. FoVI3D’s proprietary calibration process accounts for manufacturing and assembly tolerances in order to maximize 3D aerial image fidelity.


Radiance Image Computation

Dynamically computes the synthetic light-field radiance image from a 3D model by rendering 1000s of views using commodity GPUs. FoVI3D has developed and implemented multiple effective radiance image rendering algorithms for both personal and collaborative light-field displays.


3D Light-field Metrology Processes and Reports

Critical to understanding image quality and display performance, 3D display metrology measures the spatial accuracy and resolution within the image volume. FoVI3D’s custom 3D light-field metrology process measures the light-field projection and generates 3D voxel plots to characterize light-field display performance.