Industries served



Serving medical schools, hospitals, and medical equipment manufacturers to collaboratively visualize anatomical systems and models in dynamic 3D without the need for cumbersome headgear.  FoVI 3D light field displays will allow significant advancements in medical visualization including students practicing operations on light field cadavers, doctors planning surgical procedures with real 3D patient data, and the ability to analyze DICOM data in real-time glasses-free 3D.


Serving Department of Defense, Geospatial, and Intelligence governmental agencies to collaboratively act on 3D data from battle space to geospatial with greater confidence.  FoVI 3D light field displays will not only enhance decision making through dynamic 3D enhanced situational awareness, but also enable decision makers to share a common operating picture to increase the speed of decisive action. 



Serving next generation 3D content creators and consumers to create and experience compelling “god’s eye view” dynamic 3D content without the need for special glasses or headgear.  Bringing science fiction in to reality, FoVI 3D light field displays will enable the emergence of a virtual theater-in-the-round.

Oil & Gas

Serving upstream companies to collaboratively visualize and analyze subterranean and environmental 3D data to more quickly gain consensus on execution plans.  FoVI 3D light field displays will allow advancements in collaborative decision making harnessing the wisdom of all of the involved experts from geophysicists to drilling engineers.