22 August 2017 - FoVI3D was selected and awarded a phase I contract from the U.S. Navy to develop a light-field processing unit for an onboard display system that reduces the size, weight, power, and cost of real-time synthetic light-field generation.  This effort is one building block in support of the overarching goal of providing a collaborative, multi-view light-field display system for use in command and control environments to increase our spatial understanding of a complex scene while reducing the cognitive load and providing greater confidence in rapid response decisions.  Light-field radiance image rendering is the process of rendering all the perspective views present in the light-field from 3D data regardless of viewer position.   To implement multi-view rendering with a GPU requires that the host application dispatch a render pass for each viewpoint (micro-lens) required for the projection system; a light-field projection system may contain thousands of micro-lenses.    FoVI3D’s architectural approach is to refactor the GPU to render hogels in parallel and create a more efficient light-field/multi-view rendering engine.